Laminitis is just as much an emergency as colic, and often just as painful.

  • Call your veterinary surgeon
    He/she will examine your animal and provide drugs such as ACP (acepromazine), Bute (phenylbutazone). He will probably fit frog supports to your horse's feet and advise you on diet and management.
  • Remove the animal from the source of the problem, if it is at grass put him in a deeply bedded stable.
  • If his stable is a long way from the field, trailer him home rather than making him walk
  • The best bedding is deep shavings, at least 18 inches deep, covering the whole floor area
  • Keep him quiet and encourage him to lie down.
  • Do not feed him until the vet has examined him. The vet will recommend a forage diet, using one of the feeds with the Laminitis Trust Approval Mark with limited hay.
  • Your horse will need to remain in the stable for 30 days after it is sound without painkillers.