Once horseowners witness for themselves the misery which laminitis brings, they quite rightly question why there is no cure for this cruelly painful condition.

The Laminitis Trust was founded to help raise the necessary funding for further research and we urgently need your help.

How You Can Help -

Individuals, associations and riding clubs have raised money for the Trust by the following means. Perhaps you could try one of the following:-

· Laminitis Trust collection boxes for loose change. We can supply collecting boxes and badges.
· Bucket collection at your next Show/Event
· Dedicate the entry fees from a class at your next show
· Hold a sponsored ride
· Incorporate an educational talk into your Club's schedule of events - the major feed companies whose feeds bear the Laminitis Trust's Approval Mark will gladly provide a speaker at no cost to advise on the best means of preventing laminitis. A small charge for entry could benefit the Trust.
· A raffle at an event.
· A Quiz Night - an equestrian Question of Sport was a great hit at a Riding Club evening event earlier this year.
· A lecture by Robert Eustace, Director of the Laminitis Clinic. Robert does not ask for a personal fee but requests a cheque for £300 to benefit the Laminitis Trust when he speaks publicly. A small charge for entry ensures a cheque to the Trust.

Further investigation is needed into the causes of Laminitis and it is hoped that the initiation of a series of research projects will help end the suffering it brings to hundreds of thousands of animals annually.

We are asking you to donate as much as you can in view of the urgency and importance of this project.

If you are content to donate on the strength of your own experience, or those of your friends, then please write a cheque for the relevant amount and send it to: The Laminitis Trust, c/o Mead House, Dauntsey, Chippenham, Wilts SN15 4JA.

Remember though, were you to agree to covenant an annual amount, the Trust, being a charity, receives not just your donation, but also the tax you have paid on it (at the basic rate). If you pay tax above the basic rate, you can also claim back the difference from the taxman.

Likewise, for gifts over £250, the same applies under the Gift Aid Provision. The Trust claims back the tax you have paid up to the basic rate, you claim back the rest, if any. We can, of course, set up these things for you.

If you would prefer to act as a regional organiser for fund-raising events then please contact us. We can supply you with collecting boxes and further information. Mr. Eustace can support your efforts by presenting illustrated lectures on laminitis. All proceeds go to the Laminitis Trust.

Thank you for your interest and help.